BLACKPINK’s Rosé Had The Best Response To Someone Criticizing The Way They Eat Cake

She always knows the right thing to say.

To celebrate their third anniversary, BLACKPINK held a special live broadcast where they treated themselves to a two-tier cake as they spoke among themselves and with fans.

Like the carefree girls they are, they took their forks and stuck them right into the cake. But, there was someone who had a problem with this.


Jennie looked through the comments in the live chat and found one that stuck out to her. It asked if that was how they really ate cake.

Right when Rosé was about to eat her next bite of cake, she stopped and instead leaned forward to say, “It’s how we eat cake. Now, everybody learn.” Then, she smiled and gave a small laugh.

Idols are often criticized for the smallest details, and it’s positive to see one that doesn’t take herself to seriously. Watch the classy way she handled it at 18:53.