BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Her Bodyguard Switched Roles When He Fell At The Airport

As soon as Rosé noticed, she was the one who went into protection mode.

Upon her arrival at the airport, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé stunned everyone with her fierce yet elegant visuals. Although she took the spotlight, there was another moment that fans couldn’t help but notice between her and her bodyguard.

After stopping to pose for some photos, Rosé walked toward the entrance of the airport for another set. Right by her side was one of her trusty bodyguards, escorting her along.

Once Rosé stood right in the center of the doors, she began to pose. Behind her, the same bodyguard who escorted her did his best to make sure the area was secured. He was so focused on his task that he tripped over a fixture popping out of the ground. At first, it seemed like he regained his balance.

He hadn’t. As his sneaker caught onto the fixture, the bodyguard fell backward. He tried to brace his fall by reaching for support but failed, dropping his phone and tumbling to the ground. Rosé was completely oblivious, not seeing a thing. That quickly changed.

Shortly afterward, Rosé whipped her head around, looking to see what had happened. She’d seen her bodyguard getting up from the ground. She instantly wanted to help, moving toward him to do so. By the time she did, he was already halfway to standing again and picking up his phone.

When she turned back around to the waiting cameras, there was a slight smile on her face. Focusing again on her own task, she quickly wiped it from her face, replacing it with a blank expression.

Even though the bodyguard was there to protect Rosé, she was the one who was worried about protecting him. See him take a tumble that had her ready to stop what she was doing and give him a hand.