BLACKPINK’s Rosé Finally Reveals The Reason Why She Dislikes Avocados

It’s for a very simple reason.

It’s quite well known that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has a disliking of avocados.

During an interview for Elle Korea, Rosé was quite surprised when she got a special gift from the staff members.

Rosé then points out that it’s quite common for her to get avocado themed items as gifts, as fans love teasing her about her disliking of them.

Rosé was then asked why she has such a disliking of avocados, and she gave a simple answer. Vegetables are something that Rosé enjoys, as they are quite crunchy and refreshing.

However, an avocado is the complete opposite of this, as Rosé feels that they are oily and creamy.

Due to all this, Rosé’s brain is unable to fully understand avocados.

There’s more in the full video below!