BLACKPINK’s Rosé imitates Wobbuffett, laughs at herself

A video of BLACKPINK’s Rosé cutely imitating a Pokemon, Wobbuffett is going viral online.

On a recent broadcast, BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Jisoo were chatting with fans about their day when out of the blue, Rosé’s stuffed toy Wobbuffett, a popular Pokémon character, made an appearance. Rosé immediately began playing and imitating the sounds of the cute Wobbuffett.

At first, the Pokemon was in clear plastic covering and she started imitate its poses. Eventually, Rosé took it out of its plastic covering and began moving its arms, making Jisoo laugh.

Rosé proceeded to play with Wobbuffett as she and Jisoo answered fans questions and talked about their day. Rosé seemed to have a lot of fun with Wobbuffett and fans commented on how accurate her imitations of Wobuffett were, from his voice to his body movement.

Check out the cute video of Rosé imitating Wobbuffett!