BLACKPINK’s Rosé Removes The “Kill This Love” Link From Her Instagram Bio, Fans Suspect Solo Music Is Coming Soon

Rosé might be trying to tell us something.

On August 5, BLINKs noticed that the link on BLACKPINK‘s Rosé‘s Instagram has been updated!

The link previously lead to BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” music video, but as of August 5 it leads to Rosé’s solo cover of Halsey‘s “Eyes Closed”.

Rosé replacing the “Kill This Love” link with “Eyes Closed” might be a signaling of the end of the “Kill This Love” era and the beginning of a new one – her solo era. Notably, Rosé’s solo (Solosé, if you will) was the next BLACKPINK comeback promised by YG Entertainment, and both Jennie and Jisoo have not yet removed “Kill This Love” from their bios. Rosé updating her bio with her own cover is the icing on the speculation cake that Solosé is coming soon.