Blackpink’s Rosé Reveals Her Favorite Food Combination

Rosé is definitely a certified foodie!

In a recent interview for MTV MusicBlackpink‘s Rosé sat down and answered some fans’ questions.

While some asked for advice, because of Rosé’s status as a certified foodie, there seemed to be quite a few about food! In particular, one fan asked what her favorite weird food combination was, except for the well-known kimchi and beer combo she loves!

If that was not weird enough, Rosé revealed a new one to her fans: kimchi and sweet potato!

Rosé explains that the combination is very common in Korea and the traditional way to eat sweet potato.

Sweet potato can be very sweet and kind of hard to swallow at times. The kimchi acts like a pickle. It refreshes and your taste buds!

She then went on to add that, after tasting the two together, she now can’t eat sweet potato without kimchi!

In the same interview, Rosé also shared the food she misses most meat pies, sausage rolls, shepherd’s pie, and fish and chips. She recalled how she would eat it after school and how she can’t find anything like it in Korea!

Make sure to watch the whole interview for more Rosé!