BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Sister Looks Like A Mixture Of Her and Jisoo And People Are Freaking Out

She’s gorgeous.

Fans have recently discovered the Instagram of BLACKPINK‘s Rosé sister and people are freaking out over how gogrgeous she is. Upon further inspection however, fans are convinced that she is a mix of Rosé and fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo.

alice rose sister1

alice rose sister5 alice rose sister4

Her sister’s name is Alice and is four years older than Rosé, making her a ’93 liner. While Rosé pursued her dream of being an idol, Alice studied in a private university in Australia and graduated with a law degree. Fun fact: Their dad is also a lawyer in Australia, and all of her father’s family members are lawyers.

alice rose sister2 alice rose sister3

Other Rosé and Jisoo, people say she looks like former After School member Uee.


As well as Park Ji Yoon.

park ji yoon

Many are in shock ove how good both Park sisters are, saying that their genes must be superior to be that beautiful.

Wow, their genes are so good and the family is so well-off. Rosé’s got everything.

Source: Instiz
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