BLACKPINK’s Samsung Deal Makes Things Hilariously Awkward for iPhone Using BLINKs

If you’re a BLINK, now might be the time to switch phones.

BLACKPINK is currently endorsed by Samsung, so being seen with an Apple iPhone, Samsung’s biggest competitor, is a pretty big deal. Yet, the girls have gotten into a couple funny situations recently while avoiding iPhones like the plague.

BLACKPINK performing at Samsungs “A Galaxy Event” on April 10

During the encore of their In Your Area Tour in LA, Jennie leaned down to take a selfie on a fan’s phone. Right before she took the phone she realized it was an iPhone and had to decline.

Jennie then had to become iPhone police for Jisoo, who seemed to forget she shouldn’t be seen with an iPhone.

The fan uploaded his version of the video, and even though it’s only seven seconds long, its guaranteed to add 7 years to your lifespan.

Another lucky fan (most likely an Android user) was able to get this uninterrupted video of Jisoo and it’s probably the cutest video known to man.

Other BLINKs don’t want to risk it and are advising fellow concert goers to get a Samsung immediately.

It seems Samsung only cares what phones the girls are seen with, but it doesn’t matter what phones they use personally. Jisoo’s personal phone is an iPhone, as seen in their mini series BLACKPINK Diaries when editors had to blur shots of her phone.

Jisoo’s blurred out phone indicates she has an iPhone

So far, neither Rosé nor Lisa have been caught with the enem- er, an iPhone. Rosé actually seems to be ahead of the game by using a personal Samsung phone to take selfies with James Cordon after their appearance on his show.

Rosé uploaded these pictures of her & James Cordon on her Instagram account


Source: Samsung


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