BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Discusses The Details Of Her Struggle With “Shopping Phobia”

“I have a lot of worries.”

As many BLINKs know, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has struggled with shopping. For instance, when Jisoo and her members go shopping, the rest of the members shop easily while Jisoo struggles to find the right products. Because of this, Jisoo’s fans have jokingly claimed Jisoo has a sort of “shopping phobia.”



Jisoo discussed her struggle with shopping in her recently released photoshoot and interview with W Korea.

Q: I’ve seen fans say “Jisoo has a shopping phobia” a few times. I think I’ve seen your pupils shaking when you went shopping with your members…

It’s really hard to choose when buying products that I don’t know well. When I buy clothes for myself, products that I often use, or gifts for people I know well, I get excited and pick out a lot of things, and times move quickly.

— Jisoo


Despite her being able to shop for herself or for familiar products, Jisoo stated that she isn’t able to shop when it comes to new and unfamiliar ones.

When I shop for things I don’t know well, it comes down to me asking ‘please recommend me the best sellers,’ because I have a lot of worries.

— Jisoo

The interviewer then went on to ask the type of items she’s bought for herself recently.

Q: Are there any items that you’ve recently shopped that are like gifts for yourself?

My dream was to have a full-length mirror in my house, I put off searching for one but finally found one that I liked at the end of the year. There were a lot of pretty mirrors so I put a lot of thought when choosing one. I feel like I purchased something I liked as much as I spent the time I spent contemplating it. Every time I walk through my room, I stop in front of the mirror, and just looking at it once, I feel happy.

— Jisoo

Perhaps her achievement of being able to purchase her dream item proves Jisoo’s shopping phobia is disappearing!

Source: W Korea