Blake Shelton Reveals Why His Love For BTS Is “Dangerous”

His reaction to hearing BTS on the radio is truly life-threatening.

Blake Shelton is one of the celebrity judges on The Voice, where BTS is set to appear for the live series finale on May 21.

BTS is set to make an appearance with The Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift on NBC’s show.

The seven-time Grammy award winner hasn’t met BTS, but revealed that they share the same initials!

Blake Shelton revealed that when BTS’s songs come on the radio in his car, he takes his hands of the steering wheel to form a heart–choosing to steer with his elbows instead.

I love [BTS’s music]. When it comes on the radio, and I’m driving, it’s dangerous because I do this [making a heart shape with his hands] and then I’m trying to steer with my elbows. [The music] just makes me do that!

— Blake Shelton

We certaintly hope that Blake Shelton is joking, because BTS wants all ARMYs to stay safe!

Source: Entertainment Tonight