Blast From The Past: BTS Jungkook’s Profile Written During The “I NEED U” Era

He will always be BTS’s golden maknae!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at BTS Jungkook’s profile that he filled out during their “I NEED U” comeback. The members held an interview with The Star and each filled out a profile questionnaire in 2015. Let’s take a look at what Jungkook wrote down from things such as his ideal girl type to what he was curious to know about from the fans!

Let’s start off with the basics:

Name: Jeon Jungkook (His grandfather chose his name and means to be a pillar of a country)

Blood type: A

Family: Mother, father, older brother

Birthday/Sign: September 1, 1997/Virgo

Conception dream: My mother dreamed of a rainy day where all the parts the rain touched turned to gold

School: I don’t remember the name of my kindergarten. Baek Yang Elementary School, Baek Yang Middle School, Shin Gu Middle School, Seoul Performing Arts High School

Personality: I don’t talk much but I love to play around and do only things I love. I don’t care at all what people think.

Hobbies/skills: game, drawing, working out/singing, dancing

Habit: Sniffling

Motive to become a singer: I was looking up videos because I liked to dance and ended up seeing G-Dragon’s video which made me want to become a singer.

Favorite Food: food from the convenience store, chicken, pizza, haenetang, honey rice cake mattang

Most Confident cooking dish: sweet potato mattang

Favorite Sport: basketball, badminton, swimming, boxing, muscle training

Favorite Movie: Iron Man

Things I Collect: Computer single games

Favorite Nickname: I just like my real name!

Close celebrity friend: no one

Celebrity I’d like to be close with: a senior who can give me singing lessons

A TV Program I’d like to go on: Anything that involves a lot of physical activity (I’m not good at talking)

My fashion style: Big basic shirts and baggy pants with chunky shoes

Ideal Girl Type: Someone that likes me, sings well, has fair skin and smart (Height around 160 cm)

3 Things on my Bucket List: Ranking first at least five times, master all things that I’ve wanted to do, buy a house for my parents and give them a lot of money

Life Motto: I’d rather die than live without passion

Ranking of ‘Best Dressed’ out of all the members: RM>Suga<J-Hope<V<Jin, Jimin< Jungkook (RM has a huge interest in clothes and I have no interest)

A Question to the fans: What’s your reason for liking me? At least five reasons! (please continue to like me)

What do you think has changed since he wrote this profile? While some things are the same, his wishes on his bucket list have most certainly come true since 2015! His love for ARMYs is still the same, if not grown, over the years as he always puts ARMYs first in everything he does and hopes that they will continue to support and stay by his side.