Here Is Why “Blessed-Cursed” And Its Meaning Best Represent ENHYPEN, According To The Members

“This time it’s all about being ENHYPEN” — Jay

ENHYPEN has returned with their new album Dimension: Answer, and they are stronger than ever. In a special media showcase to present the album, the members discussed their thoughts and feelings on it and on what this new album means for the group. According to them, the new title song, “Blessed-Cursed,” truly embodies ENHYPEN through its dark and powerful tone.

ENHYPEN in “Blessed-Cursed” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Dimension: Answer is the repackage of the group’s million-seller first album, Dimension: Dilemma. The first album’s title track, “Tamed-Dashed,” expressed the dilemma that the members faced in whether to conform to society’s expectations or “dash” to find their own way. But Dimension: Answer is the next step. According to member Jake, this new album shows that the group has already decided to find their own answers regardless of what society says.

The album voices our will to refuse the answers set by the world and to find our own answers. We cannot be sure about what the right answer is, but still we will not follow what’s given by society, and find our own.

— Jake

| @Kpop_Herald/Twitter

The new title track, “Blessed-Cursed,” expresses how the members feel that society’s rules and expectations make them cursed rather than blessed, and it is this concept that gives the song its darker, more powerful tone—and what makes the song the embodiment of ENHYPEN, according to Jay. The song is about the members’ intent to find their own way and their own answers with confidence now that they are no longer in the “dilemma” stage, which Jay says best represents the group and their style of performance.

I think this song is what best embodies ENHYPEN. If we showed a different, fresh side of us in the previous album, this time it’s all about ‘being ENHYPEN’ and ‘performances only ENHYPEN can do.’

— Jay

Sunoo echoed those feelings, saying that he also feels that “Blessed-Cursed” is about the members pursuing their own paths in life.

Given that ENHYPEN is still a relatively new group, their achievements so far are extremely impressive. This new comeback is already gearing up to be amazing, particularly when taking into account the meaning behind the album. It’s great to see ENHYPEN confidently pursuing their own path in their music and doing their best to stay true to themselves as artists. Congratulations to the members on their new album! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch “Blessed-Cursed” below.

Source: The Korea Herald