A BLINK Ate Like BLACKPINK For A Week— Here’s How It Went

What meal would you try?

BLACKPINK fan Joelle from BuzzFeed recently challenged herself to eat like her favorite girl group for a week— but not in a “diet” type of way. Instead, she made some of the members’ favorite dishes and other iconic foods, with each day of the week symbolizing a different member. With the group’s diverse members, many of the meals also reflected their unique cultural heritages as well.

She started off the week fresh, eating like Jennie, so she prepared both delicious and healthy meals. Her Monday morning began with breakfast of an avocado salad and detox juice, Jennie’s preferred meals when preparing for a comeback.

For lunch, avocado made another appearance as Joelle had had avocado toast. Jennie enjoys ordering avocado sandwiches, so why not an open-faced avocado sandwich?

Joelle’s favorite meal of the day was actually dinner as she prepared pollack roe with rice, avocado, and egg yolk, a meal that Jennie shared during a live broadcast. It’s definitely safe to say that Jennie loves avocado!

Tuesday was our foodie Rosé‘s day! Breakfast began a bit unusual here again as Joelle tried a “weird food combo” that Rosé shared previously in an interview: goguma (Korean sweet potato) with kimchi. Surprisingly, Joelle actually enjoyed it, saying it was “perfectly salty, sweet, and spicy!” 

When lunchtime came, she went out to pick up one of the most popular Korean street foods: corndog covered with potato and sugar! Honestly, it looks and sounds so amazing… We definitely don’t blame Rosé for loving this food!

For dinner, Joelle prepared a non-Korean dish, shepherd’s pie, as it’s something that Rosé misses eating while she’s away from her home in Australia. For those unfamiliar with the dish, it’s English in origin and is a ground meat pie made from lamb or beef with a crust topping of mashed potatoes.

For Jisoo, the only member who grew up entirely in Korea, Joelle made some Korean dishes on Wednesday. Since rice is one of Jisoo’s favorite foods, she had dakjuk, a rice porridge with a chicken base. And, of course, she served it with an iced americano!

Lunch consisted of shrimp tempura as a reference to the kind that Jisoo ate in Blackpink House. Joelle ate hers with Japanese BBQ sauce.

Since Jisoo loves chicken so much, Joelle made chicken skewers for dinner, which is another reference to Blackpink House.

Joelle honored “Lisa‘s Thai heritage and her love for space” by preparing Tom Yum soup for breakfast on Thursday. What an excellent idea to have a hot and spicy soup to help wake you up in the morning!

She went out for lunch and had spicy tuna sushi since Lisa is a sushi-lover. She also picked up some milk tea because Lisa is a fan of sweet drinks!

Joelle ended the day by making cheese fondue, similar to what Lisa’s dad prepared for BLACKPINK when he and her mom visited them in Thailand during an episode of Blackpink House.

Lastly, Friday was dedicated to fixing meals that BLACKPINK have eaten together. So, the morning began with pancakes and fruit because Jennie fixed some for the members in Blackpink House. Joelle made a fluffy souffle version that looked beautiful!

One of the go-to meals for the girls to fix is kimchi bokkeumbap also known as kimchi fried rice, seasoning it with gochujang in addition to kimchi and pork belly. She also ate it with a green pepper like Rosé did during Blackpink House.

To conclude her week of eating like BLACKPINK, Joelle prepared a feast, recreating foods that the members ate at the jimjilbang spa in Blackpink House. Dinner ultimately consisted of noodles, corn, tteok (ricecake), Korean sauna-style eggs, and sikhye (sweet rice drink).

What do you think? Would you be able to eat like BLACKPINK’s members for a whole week?

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