This Brave Kid Sang BLACKPINK To Get Through His Painful Vaccination Shot

BLACKPINK’s music helped him get through this.

BLACKPINK‘s music has helped many fans to stay strong in tough situations, but none so much as this brave little BLINK from Indonesia.


No (sane) person likes getting shots, especially extra painful ones like vaccinations.


Just the sight of a needle can make the faint-hearted squirm, but this BLINK soldiered through his shot like a champ, with a little help from his unnies. 


He fought through his pain by tearfully screaming out the lyrics to BLACKPINK’s hit single, “DDU-DU DDU-DUU”.


The people around him couldn’t help smiling at his “performance”…


…and many fans who have seen the clip feel the same way. They don’t know whether to laugh or cry!


BLINKs are now saluting the boy’s bravery, and are hoping that BLACKPINK will see the clip too.


Getting noticed by BLACKPINK just might make this painful experience worth it!