Here’s Why BLINKs Believe That BLACKPINK’s Mysterious Special Guest For Their Single Is Ariana Grande

Are you ready for this “possible” collaboration?

YG Entertainment just released a teaser image for BLACKPINK’s new single on the morning of July 23.

Naturally, the update had thousands of fans excited with BLACKPINK’s latest announcement.

Just last month, BLACKPINK dropped their pre-release track “How You Like That” on June 26. As a result, the song gained a lot of recognition and even trended worldwide.

YG Entertainment previously stated that BLACKPINK will be having a multi-phase comeback for the year, so their teaser image is already expected…

After long hours of work, we’ve completed recording over 10 tracks of BLACKPINK’s new songs, which compose BLACKPINK’s first studio album. The second plan is to release the group’s second single in a special format in either July or August.

– YG Entertainment

…what’s unexpected, though, is the portion of the teaser image which was left hidden:

There is no official update from YG Entertainment so far, but fans are speculating that the special guest is Ariana Grande.

Fans started to speculate this because of Ariana’s recent activity on her social media account.

Another reason for this speculation is because professionals who have worked with Ariana Grande before have also been involved in engaging with BLACKPINK’s social media post as well:

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