BLINKs Are Having A Blast Comparing BLACKPINK’s Jennie & Jennie The Cat

In this house, we stan both Jennie & Jennie.

On August 10, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa unveiled her new kitten Lilly into the world via V LIVE. BLINKs were shocked and elated to find out that Lilly was the biological kitten of Lisa’s cat Luca and another cat named… wait for it… Jennie!

Jennie might have two dogs, but Jennie x Jennie was a match made in cat heaven. BLINKs have already started to put their pictures side by side & we have to admit the similarities are definitely there.

Lisa’s best friend and the mother of her baby kitten have the same name. The odds are definitely in Lisa’s favor. She might want to start playing the lottery after this.

Jennie the cat is definitely Jennie in cat form… Or is Jennie of BLACKPINK Jennie the cat in human form?

Either way, there’s definitely room in the evergrowing BLACKPINK family for two Jennies.