BLINKs Largely Unhappy With YG Entertainment Releasing WINNER’s JINU’s Solo Debut Before Rosé’s

BLINKs flooded the comment section with their opinions.

On August 1, YG Entertainment confirmed that WINNER member JINU would be the next YG Entertainment artist to get a solo debut through a concept board posted to their social media.

WINNER fans, INNER CIRCLE, were ecstatic about this news!

BLINKs, however, swarmed the replies to the tweet with their displeasure.

YG Entertainment has stated that BLACKPINK‘s 2019 plans included solos for each member as well as two comebacks as a full group, with Rosé’s solo being first up. YG Entertainment has built up a reputation of unequal treatment of their female artists as well as not keeping good on comeback promises, so BLINKs’ frustration is understandable. However, WINNER fans and even some BLINKs maintain that they should be respectful of JINU as BLACKPINK’s senior and longtime YG Entertainment artist.

So far YG Entertainment has given no update on Rosé’s solo debut nor given a date on JINU’s solo debut. As far as BLACKPINK’s plans, the group will be releasing a Japanese version of their “Kill This Love” mini album in September ahead of their December Japan Dome Tour.