BLINKs Unearthed BLACKPINK’s Old Instagram Usernames And Each One Is Just So Them

You would expect nothing different from each of their past usernames.

BLACKPINK shook up the Instragram world when they unveiled their personal Instagram accounts back in 2018. In less than a year, Lisa has even become the most followed K-Pop idol on the platform. While the whole world knows and loves their personal accounts, one clever BLINK has discovered a few secrets that these accounts were holding.

Sure enough, not only were their accounts created almost a whole year before anyone saw them, but the girls changed their usernames several times in the months (and for some, days) before they were unveiled.

Jennie made one very simple change to her username in April of 2018. Instead of @jennierubyjane she originally had @jennierubyjanekim. Jennie decided that she wanted to be a professional businesswoman, but she didn’t want to be a too professional businesswoman, so she dropped her family name.

Rosé‘s previous usernames still drew off of the flower theme of her name. Instead of just roses, however, she went with… well, that and every other flower in the garden. Two incarnations of “roses, sunflowers, and lillies” later and we got @roses_are_rosie & we wouldn’t change that for any other flower in the bouquet!

Lisa‘s former usernames seem a bit chaotic as she couldn’t get the aesthetically pleasing mixture of “lalala” and her name “Lalisa” quite right. Either that, or each one beforehand was a typo. Or, some mixture of both. Ms. Maknae is known to be quite rambunctious and all over the place, so BLINKs expected nothing less.

Our unbothered queen Jisoo hasn’t made one single change to her username since creating it in 2017. She had almost an entire year to think about it, improve the name if she could, or change it altogether, but nope! She stayed true to her guns, and stuck with @sooyaaa__. Jisoo’s decision making is as firm as she was when she and Jennie played Flinch: rock solid.