Block B Members Reveal What Zico Lies About In His Lyrics

The members of Block B revealed that Zico‘s true personality is quite different from how he portray himself in his songs.

During a recent live broadcast, the members of Block B revealed that Zico’s tough guy image does not correspond to his real personality. The group members explained that contrary to the tough image of a hip-hop rapper that Zico describes in his lyrics, and the leader of Block B is actually very frugal.

Park Kyung explained that while Zico’s lyrics might suggest that he spends money carelessly, Zico is in fact very thrifty and doesn’t even own an expensive phone. He also added that Zico is actually a fan of going to second-hand shops as well.

P.O then suddenly remembers that Zico has lyrics that say “I’ve never traded used items except when I was in middle school,” bringing attention to the luxury image that the rapper is portraying in the song.

Park Kyung admits that he wrote that bringing laughter to the studio and P.O then jokily calls Zico out for being a fake MC.

Taeil also revealed that fans had pointed out that Zico has lyrics that say that English tests like TOEIC and TOEFL are useless, but at the same time he is also a model for English education.

In good fun, the members teased Zico for not being such a tough and ruthless guy as he portrays himself to be in his songs.