Block B’s P.O Took the Most Gorgeous Shots of IU on Vacation

P.O has a gift.

IU recently shared photos of herself enjoying her vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, and it has been reported that the gorgeous shots were taken by Block B‘s P.O.

Following the ending of tvN’s drama Hotel Del Luna, the cast set out to go on a vacation together to celebrate.

And in addition to IU showing off her more innocent visuals, P.O proved to be a talented photographer by capturing IU through his lens.

The photos show IU looking natural as she held her hair up, laughed with Kang Mina, and sat on a boat with drinks all around.

IU looked so effortlessly beautiful in the photos that P.O is being praised for how well he photographed her.

Check out some more photos of IU taken by P.O below:

Source: Insight