Block B’s P.O Revealed to Be the Son of a Wealthy and Honorable Businessman

You won’t believe what P.O got as his high school graduation gift.

Mnet’s TMI News recently revealed a list of silver spoon idols, and one of the stars that drew the most attention was Block B‘s P.O.

According to TMI News, P.O’s father is the CEO of a large online department store, founded in 1973.

By using his many years of experience in the department store industry, P.O’s father established success of his own to the point of obtaining a reputation of great wealth and honor.

Furthermore, fans were surprised to find out that P.O even received an imported car as a graduation gift from his father.

In an appearance on MBC’s Weekly Idol, P.O even admitted that he grew up in a well-off family, which caused quite the stir.

Following this reveal, fans responded with comments such as “I didn’t expect that seeing how friendly he looks“, “Wow… no way“, and “He’s the perfect man“.

Source: Insight

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