Block B Zico’s Surprise Left This Student In Shock

Block B‘s Zico had a big shock in store for one unsuspecting fan after surprising the student during karaoke.

In the video, Zico’s unsuspecting fan says that she’s an aspiring rapper who uses karaoke to practice. She explains her hardships as she struggles with money, school, and her family’s disapproval of her dream.

The energetic teen goes to karaoke to practice Zico and WINNER‘s Mino‘s track “Okey Dokey” when her inspiration, Zico suddenly enters the room. She screams in shock as he continues to sing the track. Later regaining her composure, she continues to rap with Zico.

The pair later sat down to have a heart to heart as she explains her worries to him. Zico gives advice to the young fan, who worries of her families disapproval, saying “To be honest, all jobs are risky. It’s your freedom to challenge yourself. Prove yourself to them by showing them your progress from now on.”

Other singers to have prepared surprises including SHINee‘s Jonghyun, who surprised one of his fans at work.

Take a look at Zico’s special surprise below.