Block B’s Manager Has The Most Difficult Job In K-Pop

Block B always goes above and beyond to try to interact with their fans even if it means going against what their managers tell them!

A past video of Block B leaving an event has resurfaced recently showing just how difficult their manager’s job can be at times!

As the members were heading to their van after an event, Zico and Park Kyung stopped to wave at some fans even though the manager was trying to usher them into the car, he let him say their final goodbyes.


The manager laughed and ended up having to pull Zico to the van and tried to do the same to Park Kyung, but Park Kyung escaped!


The manager caught him and brought him to the van, but Kyung got away again and continued giving adorable fanservice before being pulled back to the car. Kyung later opened his window so he could keep waving to fans as the van leaves.

Both the managers and Block B appeared to have a hilarious time playing with each other and the fans in the end.

Check out the funny video below!