BM & Wonho’s Big Man Tiddie Brotherhood Has Finally Come Full Circle

BM finally got to meet “the true big man tiddie” himself.

Back in March, KARD‘s BM announced on V LIVE that he thought pecs (or, “man tiddies”) were the most important part of a man’s body. You can’t talk about pecs without talking about MONSTA X‘s Wonho, who BM acknowledged as “keep[ing] his man tiddies big”.

BM’s live broadcast went viral, and “big man tiddies” sort of became his catchphrase; he even got Somin in on it! But it didn’t stop there; BM finally met the “true big man tiddie” Wonho while KARD and MONSTA X both performed at the Hallyu Pop Fest 2019 in Singapore.

BM got to witness Wonho’s “tiddie game” in the gym once again in Singapore, and this time Shownu was also in tow. BM dubbed the two MONSTA X members “The Big Tiddie Committee”.

If Shownu and Wonho are the “Big Tiddie Committee,” BM is definitely the third member. He’s always been big (his name is “Big Matthew” after all), but he recently bulked up even more for KARD’s March comeback “BOMB BOMB”.





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