BoA’s past Actions Resurface in Light of Political Tensions Between Korea and Japan

Despite having been a popular Korean idol in Japan, BoA has always made her roots clear.

Japan has recently taken measures to enforce tighter export control with Korea which had led to Korean citizens engaging in protests to boycott all Japanese products.

In the midst of the elevating conflict between the two countries, BoA‘s behavior on a past TV show has resurfaced in online communities.

Back in 2005, BoA performed “Over the Top” at the Japanese awards ceremony, MKMF where she drew particular attention with the yellow bomber jacket she wore.

The one she wore had a Korean flag attached to the side of her arm, but it was later revealed that there was originally a Japanese flag on it.

Since BoA was largely popular in Japan, Korean fans were surprised that she changed the Japanese flag to a Korean without worrying about what her Japanese fans would say.

In addition, BoA was also seen correcting the Japanese pronunciation of Kimchi to the Korean one on live broadcast as well as not wearing a Kimono for 7 years straight of appearing on a top Japanese award show.

In light of recent events, Korean netizens are showing strong support for BoA’s pride in being Korean and how she maintained her stance despite her overwhelming popularity in Japan.


Source: Insight