BoA Reveals Which Songs Of Red Velvet She Is A Fan Of And Would Like To Perform In The Future

We need a BoAxRedVelvet collab stat!

The queen BoA recently revealed the songs of Red Velvet that she’d love to cover!

For BoA’s 20th anniversary, she did an interview with Allure Korea, where she answered questions sent in by her fellow SM Entertainment labelmates!

Among the questions she got, one of them was,

You performed “Red Flavor” charmingly with your own colors. Is there any other song that you want to sing other than this?

If you have one, please sing us a line.


In 2017, BoA appeared as a guest on an episode of JTBC‘s Night Goblin, where she performed the choreography for Red Velvet’s hit summer song “Red Flavor”. Not only did she nail the choreography, but she gave it a twist of her own, and delivered it with her signature cool and sharp moves!

At first, BoA thought the question came from the members of Red Velvet themselves, but she was wrong! The question actually came from Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny, who she fondly called her best friend!

Oh, yes, Sunny can ask a question like this. She is my best friend.



BoA then revealed the Red Velvet songs she likes, and would like to cover one day!

I personally really like Red Velvet’s “Psycho”, and I really like Irene and Seulgi’s “Monster”. It’s a great song for performance, and I really wanted it.



She then specified “Psycho” as the song she would like to perform, and sang a few lines from the chorus!


On August 25, 2020, BoA celebrated her 20th debut anniversary!

Happy anniversary, BoA!


You can watch the whole video here, and the part where she answered this particular question from 1:35 onwards!

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