BoA Didn’t Think Her Career Would Take Off In Japan

“I’m never going to make it”

In BoA‘s recent episode of Nobody Talks To BoA, BoA and her managers Kim Eunha and Choi Seongwoo discussed the time BoA worked in Japan.

BoA first asked her manager Kim Eunha of the date they first went to Japan. Kim Eunha replied that they went all the way back in April 2001.

BoA then recalled when she and Kim Eunha lived together in Japan where she questioned when they could go back to Korea: “how long are we staying here?” And “How long should we stay in Japan like this?

The episode then cut to the BoA’s interview portion where she claimed she did not have any big goals for Japan.

I actually didn’t have a big ambition. ‘What would I do there?’ I had no idea. What would a middle school junior know? I was just told to go. I worked really hard there, but the first single didn’t go well. And again….and again… ‘I’m never going to make it.’

— BoA

Luckily, BoA’s work started to become more recognized and appreciated in Japan, but it wasn’t until after she flew back to Korea that she gained popularity.

I still remember. I came back to Korea after a promotion. I was studying and got a call: ‘you should come back to Japan quickly. You ranked 3rd in Oricon Chart.’

— BoA

After so much disappointment in Japan, BoA couldn’t believe it: “‘You must be mistaken. Why?’ And I went back to Japan.”

From there, BoA’s career in Japan soared.

Things were going crazy. I got to go on TV. People suddenly recognized me. It was interesting.

— BoA

Following her popularity came her first full album. BoA said her album selling 1 million copies was like a miracle.

The episode cuts back to BoA sitting down with her managers. Manager Kim Eunha commented that it seemed like everyone knew BoA.

BoA’s hard work in both Korea and Japan worked off as she has been continuously celebrating her 20th anniversary!

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Source: V LIVE