BoA Has A Terrible Fear Of Being On Stage Ever Since This Happened

She’s been performing for 18 years, but she’s terrified of being on stage.

Through her career, BoA has become one of the most successful Korean artists who has also managed to break into the Japanese market, so you’d probably never guess that she actually suffers from terrible stage fright.

BoA revealed this fact on a recent episode of Knowing Bros as she talked about her debut in Japan.

“There were not a lot of live singers at that time. I was not ready for it but, in Japan, I had to perform the whole thing live.

My first time performing in Japan was a complete disaster.”

— BoA

She was taken aback by the differences when she had her first performance in the country.

Since that time, I have had a phobia [of performing live on stage] and I still panic. It’s still bad.”

— BoA

Despite her disastrous first performance, however, she talked about how much she persevered and made sure she’s prepared for the next time.

BoA did what was necessary to get better and started rehearsing her songs while doing her choreography, even while running as well.

Who could have guessed that a veteran singer such as BoA with her many experiences under her belt could still be afraid of the stage!