Netizens Are Freaking Out Over BoA’s Daring New Dance Move

Nothing can keep this queen down.

The Queen of K-Pop is back with a brand new dance that has literally turned the K-Pop world upside down.


On October 24, BoA dropped the highly anticipated title track for WOMAN, her 9th studio album. The lyrics for “Woman” are all about confidence, so it’s not surprising that this star was confident enough to take risks.


At the MV’s 10 second mark, BoA blew viewers away with this epic entrance. BoA walks on air as she struts onto the scene, flanked by an entourage of male dancers.


Some fans suspect this inverted walk might be paying homage to her “Double” MV, which was released 15 years ago, in 2003.


Others say it’s BoA’s way of reminding everyone who “invented K-Pop”.


BoA’s ceiling walk becomes even more impressive after seeing her dance practice. This behind the scenes footage reveals that BoA’s MV move wasn’t done with the help of visual effects or wires. These dancers are her only support!


Ever since “Woman” dropped, fans have been gushing about this innovative choreography.


Check out the “Woman” MV to see BoA’s daring moves in action.