The Book That Inspired BTS’s “Magic Shop” Has Become A Best Seller In Korea

Sales have increased 510 fold!

BTS is no stranger to exploring literature for inspiration for their music and MVs. This exploration in turn has increased the sales of the books connected to them, but their latest recommendation has put the book onto the bestsellers list.


The group’s latest album Love Yourself: Tear features a track called “Magic Shop”.

It’s a song in which BTS asks fans to open their hearts when they are hurt, as well as, telling their fans about their own experiences. The song was written for fans to let them know they are not alone and was the first song Jungkook produced!


Before the song was released, a 2017 performance alluded to the book “Into the Magic Shop” by James R. Doty.

“A magical time is coming. Come to the Magic Shop. Now take off your mask and open your eyes.” — BTS, December 2017 “Spring Day” Performance


Then, a teaser for the album’s lead single “Fake Love” further solidified the thought that the book had something to do with BTS’s album.

The teaser opens with the words, “‘Magic Shop’ is a psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude.


Since BTS first made a reference to the book, sales have increased by 510 times and the book has become a bestseller at Korean bookstores.

The book is a memoir of James Doty’s life and tells the story of how James was inspired to become a neurosurgeon by a woman and her magic shop. It is filled with stories about finding self-esteem, the path to mindfulness, and is filled with life lessons.


Since fans have started reading it, they’ve been talking about how much they enjoy the book. A fan group has even selected it as the next book for their book club!


Fans aren’t the only ones who are excited about the book. The author’s publishing company, Avery Books, is also pumped that his book inspired a K-Pop song!


To make matters even better, the author himself was amazed to learn that his book had inspired BTS. He even sent them a thank you tweet!

Since then he has listened to and fallen in love with the song.


Additionally, James has been reaching out to his new fans. He’s even set up a Q&A session with a BTS book club!


BTS never fails to make an impact in the world! And a big congratulations to James R. Doty for reaching the bestsellers list!

Source: Dazed