Botched Plastic Surgery Leaves Thai Woman With Additional Hole In Her Nose

It was a tragic outcome.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

A tragedy like no other hit a woman after what was supposed to be a confidence-boosting procedure.

In 2018, photos of a failed plastic surgery operation featuring an unnamed woman from Hat Yai, Southern Thailand, went viral.

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She chose a local clinic to do her rhinoplasty, a common invasive surgery that changes the shape of one’s nose.

Unfortunately, instead of making her nose sharper, it left her with a silicon implant inserted into her nasal ridge. The white plastic was shaped like a rectangle and protruded right between her eyes.

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She suffered an infection and returned to the clinic for help. Instead of owning up to the obvious damages they committed, they stood their ground and stated that they were “not responsible” for the failed procedure. As a result, they “refused to help her” in her recovery.

Thankfully, a plastic surgery clinic located in capital city Bangkok offered to remove the implant for free. There is now reportedly a large hole gaping from where it was removed.

Her further recovery process has not been shared with the media.

Thai cosmetic surgery clinics are using the woman’s story as a warning to avoid cheap plastic surgery clinics especially for such invasive procedures.

Source: Straits Times

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