This Bowl Of Beef Noodle Soup Costs $2000

And it only has four ingredients!

How much would you pay for a bowl of beef noodle soup? The average bowl of the stuff doesn’t cost more than $6, so when a restaurant in Taiwan introduced a bowl costing over $300 people were pretty shocked. Now that price has been knocked out by a soup that costs over $2,000!

Beef noodle soup that is not the $2,000 bowl!


Beef noodle soup or ban mian is a dish that is extremely popular throughout China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. The dish is made up of egg noodles in a flavorful soup often served with beef. Other popular add-ins are fish and veggies.


Each recipe is very different depending on what spices and flavors the cook decides to use in the broth. Flavors can also change with different additions which is part of the reason for the $300 price tag at the restaurant in Taiwan. Their soup broth is a blend of six different stocks and comes with 4 different premium cuts of beef.

The previous most expensive beef noodle soup dish.


On the other hand, the bowl of soup that has earned the title “most expensive beef noodle soup in the world” only has four ingredients that come from the land, sky, and sea. Unfortunately, if anyone wants to know what those ingredients are they have to order the dish and try to figure it out themselves.


The restaurant that serves the dish is in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China and boasts having the incredibly expensive dish. The soup is listed on their menu for 13,800 yuan per bowl, which means it costs about $2,020.

With such a steep price tag, the dish has started to go viral. People just can’t get over the astronomical cost of the dish and some people have even commented that it’s as expensive as buying the whole cow!


It’s even more of a surprise when you factor in the second most expensive bowl at the restaurant. That dish is priced at about $58 per bowl and contains 2.6 pounds of lobster and a unique fungus found on ghost moth larvae that live in the mountainous areas of China.

So just what exactly are those four ingredients that make the other bowl worth over 34 times as much? Perhaps most shocking of all is that there have been 4 people who have been curious enough to find out! Since the restaurant started offering the dish 6 months ago, 4 people have paid the price tag to taste it.


With its mystery ingredients, steep price tag, and viral reception, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that it has the name “world’s most expensive beef noodle soup.”

Also not a picture of the most expensive bowl of soup.
Source: CNN