Boy Group Member Confesses His Mother Passed Away Recently Due to Cancer

He wanted to fulfill her last dying wish.

LIMITLESS recently opened their first showcase with their debut single, “Dreamplay” where Jang Moonbok opened up about his mother’s passing as well as her last dying wish.

In the midst of introducing themselves, Jang Moonbok teared up and shared, “I had a lot to think about. My mother had cancer, and she made a request while she was alive. She told me that she wanted to see me debut with a group as if that was her last dying wish.

He also added, “My mother even hid her sickness a lot in fear that it would get in the way of my activities, and I was the only one she confessed her illness to. That’s how we came to prepare for our debut.

Jang Moonbok confessed, “I wanted my mom to see me stand on stage.

He then expressed his gratitude by stating, “I’m always thankful to my family. Whenever I’m having a hard time or think about giving up, I think about my family, and that helps me a lot.

Source: Dispatch