Idol Groups Leave Audience Speechless With Their Crazy Aerobic Moves

Every year at the Idol Star Athletics Championship, idols gather to showcase their different athletic abilities. But this year, a whole new category was added, and fans were definitely surprised.

While everyone is familiar with the show’s traditional relay races and archery segments, this year a new and very interesting category was added. Male idols this year participated in male aerobics, with each group being given a theme to incorporate into their routines, which showcased their athleticism and creativity.

SEVENTEEN took their routine to the next level with the Transformers theme. With flips and different tricks, SEVENTEEN impressed fellow idols and fans alike. Even top rookie girl group TWICE was seen trying to imitate their routine after watching the performance. The group originally tied with ASTRO for the gold medal, but ended up receiving the silver medal.

TEEN TOP’s routine was inspired by an orchestra, but the group was able to put a modern twist in their routine. Using moves similar to an orchestra conductor, the members delivered a routine that went with their theme and music.

ASTRO‘s routine did extremely well, earning them the gold medal for their performance. Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean, their routine was a perfect display of gymnastics that wowed the fans and judges alike.

Inspired by Michael Jackson, Snuper showcased their routine with popular dances moves by the King of Pop but with their own unique twist. Their creative routine earned them the bronze medal.

KNK‘s Iron Man-themed performance was showcased right down to their outfits. The group members were able to stay in sync for their whole routine and did not miss the opportunity to include the Iron Man theme song in their routine.