“Boys Planet” Trainee Maeda Haruto Is Going Viral For His Response To What Fans Called “Badly Edited” Profile Photos

Do you think his photo looks “badly edited”?

Boys Planet is set to begin airing in the coming weeks, and all the trainees were recently introduced. Modeled after the program Girls Planet 999 that created Kep1er, this male version of the survival show will likely run similarly.

The poster for “Boys Planet” | Mnet

Some trainees have gained attention already for their activities before the show, like Jeon Ho Young, who gained attention once fans realized he had a significant role in the Netflix movie series, To All The Boys I Loved. 

Jay Chang is also known among international fans for his activities with pre-debut trainee Beomhan.

On January 5, KST, the trainees of Boys Planet were able to meet and interact with fans in person for the first time for the show’s filming.

In addition to the public fan meeting, there was also a private fan meeting indoors, where fans got the chance to be even closer to the trainees.

One trainee’s comment to a fan during this fan meeting about the “questionably edited” profile photos of the trainees is going viral!

As part of the profiles shared by Mnet, each trainee had a profile photo added to their page, and initial reactions to the pictures were not so positive.

Apparently, fans were not the only ones to share these feelings. During the private fan meeting, WAKEONE trainee Maeda Haruto chatted with a fan from the stage, saying, “I look good in real life right?

Haruto continued pointing at himself and then at the profile photo of himself, saying, “better than that right?” and thanking the fan when they confirmed that he looked better.

| Mnet

The funny clip has since garnered thousands of views on both Twitter and TikTok.


⚠️ib: on video “i look good in real life, right?” yes haruto you are! #haruto #boysplanet

♬ som original – kiki 🥊

Fans previously discussed his profile photo directly, saying that he was one of the many who were “done dirty” by the editing of the photos.

You may recognize Haruto from his time on the survival show Loud, and there are many other recognizable trainees you can read about below!

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Boys Planet

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