Boys Republic’s Suwoong Took A “Trip To The Past” With BTS’s Jungkook

He hasn’t forgotten his BigHit family.

Boys Republic‘s Suwoong recently shared a memory with BTS‘s Jungkook that has fans feeling nostalgic.


Back when BTS was still just an idea in the minds of Bang Si Hyuk, Suwoong was a BigHit Entertainment trainee. He trained with BTS’s future members for about a year, then left to make his debut with Boys Republic.

I trained at BigHit and I was lucky enough to get into the debut team. I recorded [for an album] and even posed for the album cover photo shoot but then the team was dismantled.

— Suwoong


He may be in a different group now, but he still thinks fondly of his BigHit family. He recently posted a series of past photos of himself, with the caption, “a trip to the past“.  Some of the photos include Jungkook.

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These photos were taken in 2015, at the Idol Star Athletic Championships. That was four years ago, but it feels like yesterday!


Fans have expressed their love for the photos, and many are hoping for more Suwoong and Jungkook interactions in the future.