The Boyz Is Earning Praise For The Way They Covered TWICE’s Song

“The Boyz are confident enough that they don’t need to turn girl group covers into a joke.”

The Boyz performed a cover of TWICE‘s “What Is Love?” at the M Countdown concert in Taiwan and netizens are praising their performance for its professionalism.


While a lot of boy groups cover girl group’s songs in a silly or funny way, often crossdressing – which has its own entertainment value – The Boyz went a different route and “took TWICE seriously”, as some netizens are saying.


Historically boy groups have covered girl groups by dressing up with wigs, skirts and makeup, exaggerating the choreography and singing in a higher octave, like Super Junior‘s cover of Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee.”


The Boyz’s serious cover sparked a discussion about whether treating girl groups covers as a joke is disrespectful or not.


But fans are mostly just screaming over their impressive and cute dancing skills!


Check out the full fancam version below: