THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae And Kevin Got Shy When MONSTA X Asked To See Their Muscles

“But how can we do that in front of MONSTA X sunbaenim?!”

On the August 19 episode of Idol Radio Season 2, THE BOYZ‘s Eric, Hyunjae, Kevin, Q, and Younghoon joined MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and Hyungwon for a fun night of chatting!

| Idol Radio/Universe

At one point during the broadcast, Joohoney asked Hyunjae to dance the ‘killing part’ of their new title track, “THRILL RIDE”. He happily obliged, getting up as the rest of his members sang the part for him.

Following his smooth and sexy dance segment, Joohoney took the opportunity to transition into a special fan request of the day: for Hyunjae and Eric to show off their arms!

His triceps right at that moment made everyone go wild! Especially Hyunjae and Kevin’s arm muscles are the talk of the town. Can we have a peek?

— Joohoney

At first, both boys were a bit nervous to do it. Hyunjae tried pushing the question mainly onto Kevin, who also seemed to panic a little bit!

Hyunjae: Kevin, he exercises more than I-

Kevin: I mean… (pause) But how can we do that in front of MONSTA X sunbaenim?!

But then, with the encouragement of Joohoney and Hyungwon, Kevin lifted up his arm for everyone to see!

Joohoney: We have a lot of interest in muscles!
Hyungwon: We have a lot of interest so please show it once!

Hyunjae later explained how despite the fact that they display their muscles all the time during promotions, what intimidated them most was how their buff seniors, MONSTA X, were right there watching!

Hyunjae: The reason why he was embarrassed (to show his muscles) is because of sunbaenims.

Kevin: Big guns!

Hyunjae: Sunbaenim’s bodies are so cool that we can’t just show our bodies thoughtlessly, it’s embarrassing!

But Joohoney and Hyungwon didn’t think they should feel that way at all, and were extremely impressed by the two!

What do you think about their cute interaction?