THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae Reveals The Most Common Misconceptions People Have About Him

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

In a recent interview with Arena Homme PlusTHE BOYZ‘s Hyunjae, Sunwoo, and Juyeon opened up on their career as well as some more personal topics. In Hyunjae’s individual interview, Hyunjae shared the biggest misconception people have towards him.

Sunwoo (left), Juyeon (middle), Hyunjae (right) | Arena Homme Plus

In many eyes, Hyunjae is seen as a talented artist with a charming personality. Despite his lovely image, Hyunjae revealed that people seem to have a misconception about him. When asked whether there was anything people misunderstand about him, Hyunjae shared many find him “cold.”

Q: Is there anything that people misunderstand about you?

Perhaps it’s because I’m shy, but I hear from a lot of people that I seem cold, even though I’m not.

— Hyunjae

Hyunjae went into further detail about people’s misconception about him and explained he actually is very open and friendly!

It’s merely because I feel shy. I’m someone that is easy to get along with. I don’t put up walls, I’m open, and I maintain long-lasting relationships.

— Hyunjae

Because of his shy personality, Hyunjae mentioned that he often is cautious of becoming close to someone.

Q: What qualities are you looking for in “close” friends?

I have to be able to show them my silliest moments. I try to be cautious around people I’m not too close with, because they could judge me based on a moment of interaction they have with me.

— Hyunjae

Arena Homme Plus

While Hyunjae may be more of the shy type off stage, he definitely comes to life on stage!

Source: @prxnx_xx and Arena Homme +