This Rookie Is Known For His Freakishly Giant Attractive Hands

No one has hands quite like his!

There are plenty of idols who have larger than life hands, but there is one rookie idol whose hands are so big that netizens thought photos of them were edited.


That idol is THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon and his hands really are an impressive size!


Compared to his other members, he makes their own fists look like a baby’s.


And anything put into his hand practically disappears!


Netizens first noticed his large paws soon after the group made their debut.


Everyone was absolutely stunned by the size of them!


And at one point he revealed his hands are 20cm (almost 8 inches) big at a fansign event! So they really are quite large!


Recently his hands went viral once again and even more people have started to comment on them.


They’re super impressed and maybe a little frightened by the sizes of his mitts.

  • “Daebak… who else got shocked at the first and last gif? His hands are daebak big.”

  • “I was skeptical about the size, but it’s indeed big.”

  • “Crazy! That’s excessive!”

  • “They’re so big…king of scary.”


And many other netizens have started asking just who he is.

  • “Those pictures. Wow! Wow! But who is he?”

  • “Who is this? His hands are so big!”

  • “Can someone tell me who this is? His hands are crazy but he’s super handsome!”


Juyeon’s hands have certainly made a big impression on netizens, even bigger than his larger than life hands!

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