THE BOYZ’s Juyeon Reveals The Key To Captivating Fans While Performing

His stage presence is intense!

Juyeon, Hyunjae, and Sunwoo of THE BOYZ recently participated in a gorgeous pictorial and interview with Arena Homme Plus! In Juyeon’s interview portion, he revealed his secret to captivating the audience on stage!

Sunwoo (left), Juyeon (middle), Hyunjae (right) | Arena Homme Plus

Juyeon is known for his powerful presence and charisma on stage. When Juyeon appears, it’s hard for fans to take their eyes off him. According to Juyeon, the secret is all in the eyes.

Q: When you go on stage, your charisma is applaudable. What do you think captivates the viewers?

The eyes are important. In the early days of music broadcasting shows, when the red light of the camera came on, I couldn’t look at it properly. I talked a lot with my members, and watched the videos of various artists and studied. It didn’t work overnight. So, I consistently worked hard and I wasn’t afraid anymore starting from our mini album ‘Right Here.’

— Juyeon

Sunwoo (left), Juyeon (middle), Hyunjae (right) | Arena Homme Plus

Juyeon continued and shared that after he was able to get comfortable with cameras pointed at him, he grew a more optimistic mindset.

I grew more comfortable with the camera and was able to face it with the thought that fans who like me are watching me.

— Juyeon

Furthermore, Juyeon revealed another technique in capturing the eyes of his audience. Aside from using an intense gaze, Juyeon shared facial expressions are a must in captivating the viewers.

And another important thing is to know how to pull yourself down. Everyone always makes a pretty face when they take selfies. But there’s always a narrative on stage, so you shouldn’t always show pretty things. It’s important to show multiple faces. That’s an important point for acting on stage.

— Juyeon

Juyeon | Arena Homme Plus

On the topic of acting on stage, Juyeon mentioned how it was a bit of a challenge to act on stage in the beginning, but learned from those in the acting industry.

Q: How does Juyeon approach acting on stage?

Originally, I thought I had to stand on stage in a trance as if I was possessed. But when I discussed it with my actor friends, they said that’s not how acting is done. Which actor’s acting is more touching between an actor who dives into his emotions and cries his eyes out, and an actor who makes the audience cry by carefully calculating and acting? I related to that.

— Juyeon

Juyeon continued and shared how detailed he and his fellow group members plan their movements and expressions to touch their audience.

Instead of being absorbed by myself, shouldn’t I move the audience as well? Of course, me and the audience are all in a trance at concerts, but when filming music broadcasts or music videos, we plan it carefully. How will movements be, how will the hands be, what kind of facial expressions.

— Juyeon

Juyeon | Arena Homme Plus
Source: @jy_ulzzang, Arena Homme Plus and @WE_THE_BOYZ