THE BOYZ’s Performance On “Kingdom” Has Given Rise To A Surprising Fan Theory

It had a lot of hidden details!

On April 1, Mnet‘s Kingdom aired their first show where each of the six groups had to showcase their skills in a 100-second showcase!

THE BOYZ, who won their spot through last year’s show Road to Kingdom, performed their track “The Stealer.” It caught fans’ eyes, not just for their fantastic performance skills.

| @Creker_THEBOYZ/ Twitter

In particular, some fans theorized that THE BOYZ did a tribute to their fellow Road to Kingdom groups (VERIVERY, TO1, Golden Child, PENTAGON, ONF, ONEUS) in their performance!

The first tribute was seen in the opening moments of their performance. Members Juyeon and Haknyeon‘s choreography represented one of VERIVERY’s Road to Kingdom stages!

The second reference was to rookie group TO1. Despite their lack of experience during the show, they proved that they were a force to be reckoned with and THE BOYZ embodied this sentiment.

With the tempo and movements, THE BOYZ interpreted Golden Child’s “Wannabe” performance in a darker setting, but with the same musical flow and emotion!

PENTAGON was the next group incorporated into the performance. Q, Jacob, and Hyunjae‘s trio seemed to pay tribute to PENTAGON’s 100-second performance where Yuto, Kino, and Yeo One danced together.

With ONF, THE BOYZ focused on the wave action seen in their performance of “We Must Love,” giving off an effortlessly cool vibe!

The final reference came towards the end when the 11 members danced in a perfect circular motion. Fans saw that it resembled ONEUS’s “Twilight” choreography that they performed during their 100-second performance last year!

For many, it was a fitting tribute to all of the hard work the groups put into Road to Kingdom. It also shows that not only are THE BOYZ representing themselves and their fans; they are also doing it for all the groups who didn’t get the chance to get to Kingdom.

Make sure to watch the full performance below!