THE BOYZ’s Q Loves His “Adorable” Best Friend Chucky

He’s just misunderstood!

When you think of the word “cute,” the first thing to come to mind is probably something like puppies or kittens. Definitely not a big, creepy, serial killer doll.

However, THE BOYZ‘s seems to have found some kind of hidden charm in what he introduced to Deobis as his adorable friend: meet Chucky.

During a recent interview with TVXQ‘s Changmin, Q revealed that Chucky was actually a gift from a fan. Grateful for their gesture, Q proceeded to keep his new pal Chucky in his room, even if it did spook him from time to time.

Ever since then, Chucky became one of Changmin’s favorite dolls, much to the dismay of his fellow members.

But no matter what anyone else said, Q stood by his opinion that Chucky is “just so cute!”

Every so often, Chucky will make appearances on THE BOYZ’s social media. One time, Changmin shared Chucky’s new hairstyle on Twitter.

| @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

Chucky even made an appearance in official promotional materials! In TheB Japan’s A Pajama Party with The Boyz photoshoot, Q can be seen under a giant pile of stuffed animals with good old Chucky.

Q’s Dollhouse Photoshoot | The B Japan

Even though Chucky is *literally* a vicious murderer from the Child’s Play slasher film franchise, we have to admit that he is pretty cute next to Q.

| @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

What do you think of Chucky?