THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Reveals How His Big Imagination Helps Him With Songwriting

“Imagining is a habit of mine.”

In a recent interview with Arena Homme Plus, THE BOYZ‘s Sunwoo gave some insight into what helps him as a songwriter.

| Arena Homme Plus

As a creative individual, Sunwoo often fantasizes about his career as an idol. Sunwoo has even mentioned in the past how imagining is one of his biggest habits.

Q: You’ve described yourself as someone with a lot of fantasies in one of your live broadcasts.

Imagining is a habit of mine. For example, imagining myself as a member of the audience  looking at me on stage or looking at someone cool and imaginig becoming them. After imagining to be someone else, when I return to reality, I receive good energy. The really important thing here is looking at yourself upon coming out of your fantasies. When I went on ‘High School Rapper,’ I thought I could win with nothing but full confidence. I was unable to look at myself.

— Sunwoo

Q: Being an idol is also a job that gives you a lot of fantasies too

As someone who fantasies a lot, it’s interesting that I am able to do something that puts smiles on peoples faces and give them strength. When I upload a picture on social media and imagine the strength it might give someone, it makes me happy and amused. That is where being an idol fits me really well.

— Sunwoo

Q: Does your imagination gather even when you write lyrics?

After receiving a song and setting it to a beat, I start thinking of any experience that suits the mood. It could be an indirect experience through movies, books, or an advertisement. After making a male and female lead and creating their story, I think, ‘Now what?’ Wouldn’t it be a good idea to hear the dubbing of a third party? That’s how I write lyrics.

— Sunwoo

Source: Arena Homme Plus, @SUNWOOGASM and @WE_THE_BOYZ