THE BOYZ Younghoon Is Over 6 Feet Tall But He Cutely Stood On Tiptoe Next To These Giant Idols

He just needed that little bit of extra height!

At 183cm (just over 6′ tall), no one would accuse THE BOYZ Younghoon of being short! In fact, he’s the tallest member of his group. But when he stood next to two other idols giant idols, he had to do something special to raise himself to their height!


Younghoon recently made a guest appearance on MBC’s Idol Radio. Joining him were two other idols who are known for their giant status, ASTRO‘s Sanha and PENTAGON‘s YanAn!


While Sanha’s 183cm frame put him exactly 1 cm over Younghoon’s height, with YanAn’s 187cm (6′ 1″), Younghoon soon became the shortest idol in the room!


So what was Younghoon to do when it was time to take a picture with the other two giants? Well, Younghoon decided to charm everyone by getting on the same level with Sanha and YanAn…by getting on his tiptoes!


And after the picture was taken, Younghoon even admitted that he regretted not bringing along his insoles!

I am the tallest in THE BOYZ so I got a bit down earlier when I was standing in the middle. I was seriously thinking if I should tiptoe or not but they are both very tall! Actually, before I came, I even considered bringing my insoles!

— Younghoon


Although he might regret bringing along his insoles, everybody can’t get over how cute his actions were!


That’s just one more reason to love the sweet tall giant that is Younghoon!