Brand New Footage Of Park Bo Gum In High School Surfaces

This clip shows that Park Bo Gum was born beautiful on the inside and outside.

This new footage of Park Bo Gum when he was in his 3rd year of high school shows that he was born handsome. He can be seen with the same sharp facial features that he has now.


What is more, it shows that he was an angel even back in his school days.


The video, which was apparently taken after his classmates threw him a birthday party, showed his caring heart as he continuously fed his friends cake in the video.


Park Bo Gum has shown that he has a heart of gold on multiple occasions. He was seen helping Seolhyun with her skirt that was caught on her chair…


…Inconspicuously removing a flower petal that had landed on Irene’s hair…


…And was even thoughtful enough to match the pace of a fan he was competing in a game with.

The game involved who could eat a lemon faster but seeing that his opponent (who was his fan) was lagging behind, he took the time to wait for her.


Park Bo Gum is not only a gentleman towards woman though. He took care of his Youth Over Flowers staff by taking care of all of their passports…


…Making sure they weren’t hungry by giving them snacks…


…And looking out for them.


He also didn’t hesitate to do small chores such as bringing water…


…Or setting the table to make the 2 Days & 1 Night members feel more comfortable when he appeared as a guest.


He has even been nicknamed “Park Manner” for his extremely polite attitude and by the looks of the new footage, he has always been that way! Where does this actor’s charm end?


Watch the full clip of Park Bo Gum during his high school birthday party below:

Source: Pann Nate