Brave Brothers Shares Just How Hard He Worked To Help Brave Girls Become Successful

He never gave up on them even once in 10 years.

Brave Brothers recently revealed just how hard he worked to make Brave Girls a success!

Brave Brothers recently made a guest appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone for the first time in five years and one month.


He expressed his thanks for the sudden attention and support he received for the Brave Girls and also revealed that they were preparing to release a mini-album this summer.

I think it will be ready to release the second week of June.

—Brave Brothers

Brave Girls soon arrived to visit him on the show, and as he sat with the members of Brave Girls, they talked amongst themselves and asked questions to one another!

In a set of questions prepared by the host Park Na Rae, Brave Brothers was asked what he thought about Brave Girls’ long wait to fame. Having debuted in 2011, Brave Girls went through multiple hardships and lineup changes before finally hitting it big in 2021 with their 2017 comeback song, “Rollin'”.

Regarding the question, Brave Brothers revealed that he also felt frustration over Brave Girls’ poor results over the years, and shared how hard he worked hard for them to be able to make it as K-Pop idols.

I always wondered, “What did I do wrong?” I couldn’t face the members often back then. I’ve done a lot of things to help promote Brave Girls. There were also a lot of frustrating moments because of this. I’ve waited 5-6 hours for broadcast officials before.

I even cried back then because it hurt my pride.

—Brave Girls

He then revealed that no matter how hard it got, he never thought of giving up on Brave Girls- not even once.

I never gave up. As you can tell from the name, they are the face of our agency. How could I give up on something that is like my own child? I didn’t wait for them to become popular, I continued to work hard and never gave up on them.

—Brave Brothers

And his patience and hard work paid off! Brave Girls is now enjoying immense success with “Rollin'”, and are booked and busy queens!

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Props to Brave Brothers and Brave Girls for not giving up!

Source: Gukje News