Brave Girls Share How They Learned To Love Themselves Through Their Fans

“I feel like I was too hard on myself all this time.”

Brave Girls are all about self-love these days, and they shared that it’s all thanks to their fans!

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Brave Girls recently shot a pictorial with GQ Korea, and also sat down for a subsequent interview! Throughout the shoot, they were seen having a great time during their first photoshoot as they were styled in trendy and stylish clothing.

The girls recently hit big with their 2017 comeback song “Rollin'”, and shared about how thankful they are to their fans, Fearless!

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While talking about their careers, Eunji showed incredible passion and love for her job as a singer.

Even if there is only one person in the audience, I can have a great time on stage. It is because this is our job.


And Yujeong, in turn, shared that she learned how to love herself because of their fans.

I feel like I was too hard on myself all this time. I learned how to love myself and see that I was a good person all thanks to our fans.


Eunji (left), Yujeong (right)

They also talked about how they worked hard consistently, with Minyoung sharing how she believes that there is always a time when all your efforts pay off.

If you continue to always work hard, there comes a time when all your hard work pays off. I know that there is always competition wherever you go so we will continue to work hard.


And finally, maknae Yuna talked about her relationship with the other members, and how they listen and look after her while living together in the dorms!

If I get all the trash together and tell them to take it outside, they take it outside. If I gather the leftover food trash and tell them to take it outside again, they take it outside.

The older members are really nice.


Yuna (left), Minyoung (right)

Following their unprecedented success with “Rollin'”, Brave Girls is set to make a comeback this June with a fun summer song, and anticipation is high for a great comeback!

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