Brave Girls Reveal SISTAR’s Iconic “Alone” Was Originally Meant For Them

This legendary song would have been iconic no matter what!

It turns out that SISTAR’s legendary hit “Alone” was almost sung by Brave Girls!

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On the April 18 episode of SBS’s new variety show Tiki taCAR, Brave Girls appeared as guests and had the MCs dancing to their amazing performance of their sleeper hit “Rollin’.”

Brave Girls’ agency, Brave Entertainment, was founded by the now-famous music producer Brave Brothers. However, he has also composed many hit songs for artists from other companies. This made Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun question the girls if there were any particular songs that Brave Brothers composed that they wish they could have sung for their group.

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The girls struggled to answer as there were many songs they would have loved, but eventually, Minyoung chimed in with a fascinating fact.

For me, it’s SISTAR’s song ‘Alone.’ Actually, Brave Brothers originally wrote that song for Brave Girls.


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She clarified that this was before Brave Girls became what it was today as the group had had many lineup changes, leaving them with no original members.

Back then, we weren’t in Brave Girls yet. He was planning to give the song to the first lineup of Brave Girls, but he said he ended up not giving it to them because they weren’t ready yet.


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Brave Girls went on to impress viewers by performing “Alone” on the spot. While SISTAR’s version is iconic, it’s easy to see how the song could fit well with the Brave Girls as well.

Check out Brave Girls’ version below!

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