Brave Girls Reveals Fortune Tellers Already Knew They Were Going To Make It Big This Year

In a way, they already knew this was going to happen!

Brave Girls, who recently made a comeback on the charts with their song from four years ago, made an appearance on SBS’s Tiki Taka.

After going through many hardships throughout the years, this turnaround on the charts has allowed them to gain the spotlight for all their hard work.

In regards to their great success this year, the members shared that in a way they already knew this was going to happen, as told them to them by a fortune teller.

Last year, Yoojeong went to a fortune teller who told her, “20 years of great luck will come to you this coming year”.

Eunji, who also went to a fortune teller, even guessed the month that she would receive good luck. “The fortune teller told me that everything would work out starting from March. They told me to start deciding how many buildings I would want to build”.

Yuna, who went for a New Year’s fortune telling two years prior, was told that they saw some sort of video in the future that will bring them fame. “I did tell them my job, but thinking about it now, the video they were talking about could be the ‘Rollin’’ comment video”.

Either way, all their hard work has truly paid off!

Source: insight